Part 1:  Unwrap

Bottom Line

The Christmas story may be familiar but it isn’t ordinary


Luke 2:1, 4-11, 13, 14

John 1:1-4


Christmas is predictable. You know it and so do your students. We call it tradition, which can be a beautiful and familiar thing. But this may be unsettling for some of us because the same old same old leaves us with little to look towards beyond the 25th of December. As we reread the story of Jesus’ birth in the book of Luke, we are also going to look at a brief history of the Roman Empire and just how radical Jesus’ birth was for the Israelites at that time. Christmas is an opportunity for more than just the routine we are used to. It is a call to deal with the “Caesars” holding power over us, keeping us from finding true peace through fulfilment in Jesus.

Discussion Questions

  1. What Christmas traditions do you and your family have?
  2. The first Christmas was about change. What can you do this Christmas to break out of your normal Christmas routine?
  3. The Roman Empire used words for their leader Caesar that made him sound like a god. In other words, Caesar got their attention and allegiance. What are some things in our culture that we put in the place of God, that get our attention or allegiance?
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