14Aug_standard_BottomLine2 Today got really messy! We saw first hand what can happen when we don’t respect those who are in charge and listen to their instructions- it punches holes in our protection. As a result, bad stuff can happen to us.

 We heard what Paul says about respect. He writes to the new believers in Rome. It wasn’t always easy living under Roman leadership, but in Romans 13:1-5, Paul gives them encouragement and reminds them that God put those people in charge for a reason. When you respect those who are in charge, you’re actually showing respect toward God.

Our Bottom Line: Respect those who are in charge.

Memory verse: 1 Peter 2:17 “Show proper respect to everyone.” (NIrV)

Things to talk about:

Ask a kid: Have you ever felt disrespected by others because of something you couldn’t control?
Ask a parent: What are some excuses you’ve used—or seen others use—for not giving people respect?


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